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Sharp rise in Chinese potato exports to Europe

The Dutch agricultural website reports that it is currently current peak export season for the Chinese potato sector. Exports of Chinese potatoes are reportedly going very well, especially export to the European market.

“There is a significant increase in exports compared to previous years, and the export prices also show an upward trend,” says Dan Liu, who is a trader affiliated with a growers’ cooperative in China.

AGF quotes Mr Liu as saying “The increase in exports to Europe is mainly due to the hot weather in the summer of 2018. This has had a negative effect on many European potato growers. The harvest had decreased considerably in volume there, which was mainly seen in potatoes with a larger size. Large potatoes are of great importance for the production of, for example, fries. European traders therefore had to move to China. The potato yield here is huge and could meet the demand on the European market.”

Liu further told AGF: “As a result of the policy of the government with regard to sustainable cultivation, the Chinese acreage decreased compared to a number of years ago. This has led to a reduced yield within the potato sector. Despite this, due to the huge size of the Chinese sector, the current yield is still large enough for both Chinese and export consumption.”

“We use a business model that works with growers and agricultural cooperatives throughout China. With the help of good support from the government, we store agricultural products from each production area and deliver this on the basis of the specific requirements of the customer. In terms of potatoes, our annual supply can reach up to 2 million tons.”

Read the full report in the Dutch language on the website here

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