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US dollar value for global potato exports

In an article published in the February issue of the Global Potato News magazine, author Daniel Workman, Lead Analyst and Webmaster at World’s Top Exports, says world wide sales from potato exports by country totaled US$4.1 billion during 2017 for spuds in their raw form. In addition, the value of shipments for prepared and/or preserved potatoes including frozen French fries totaled another $9.3 billion.

Five among the to 15 exporting countries posted increases in the international sales of unprocessed spuds since 2013, Workman says. Gainers were China (up 120.4%), Egypt (up 32.5%), Canada (up 31.5%), South Africa (up 20.2%) and the United States (up 9.9%).

Frozen prepared and/or preserved potatoes, including French fries, amounted to $7 billion in export sales for 2017 (thus equaling 80.3%), while international shipments of unfrozen prepared or preserved potatoes were worth another $2.3 billion (representing 19.7%).

Read the full article in the February issue of Global Potato News – follow the links to pdf files of the two editions of the magazine from the homepage

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