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Calbee in Japan now markets microwaveable chips

SoraNews24 reports that chip producer Calbee recently started to market chips that can be warmed up in a microwave oven. Calbee is now selling potato chips in special bags that you pop into the microwave and heat up before eating.

Calbee’s new Renji de (“in the microwave”) line of chips/crisps went on sale February 19, with the first offering being Renji de Poterich Rich Butter Soy Sauce Flavor, made with butter from Japan’s northern dairy island of Hokkaido.

In just a few weeks, Calbee will be expanding the lineup with a second microwavable chip flavor, the Renji de Pizza Potato, which packs 25 percent more cheese than the company’s preexisting pizza-flavored chips.

Both types of microwavable chips are exclusive to Family Mart convenience stores, and since Japanese convenience stores always have a microwave available for customers to use, you can heat your chips up right there and enjoy a warm snack on the go.

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