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Belgian company targets younger generation with new potato product launch

Belgian based potato company De Aardappelhoeve introduced a new convenience concept during the Fruit Logistica event in Germany. The new potato product line is targeting a younger generation of consumers.

Bart and Ruben Nemegheer say younger people are eating fewer and fewer fresh potatoes. Pre-cooked or processed products are still popular. “The product, directly from nature, is not well-loved among the younger generation,” the pair say.

But, despite that, they want to get younger people eating potatoes again. So, they went looking for a practical concept that makes it possible for potatoes to be easily prepared in no time, and are healthy and tasty too.

“Our new product that we bring to market consists of unprocessed baby potatoes,” Bart and Ruben say. These are simply placed in an oven dish, along with a herb mixture and cooked to ready in no time.

“We wanted an easy to prepare, convenient product. Judging by the interest we received at the trade show, it looks like we succeeded in creating a product that resonates with many consumers.”

The herb mix is sprinkled directly over the unpeeled baby potatoes. The dish is also suitable for use in the microwave, and barbecue. The potatoes do not have to be peeled. This limits wastage and the potatoes retain their nutritional value.

“Eventually, different potatoes and herb mixes can be used to create variety in the concept,” Bart and Ruben says. “The packaging sleeve can also be changed out. The product is 100% vegan and vegetarian too. It is also possible to bring an entirely organic variation onto the market.”

De Aardappelhoeve also presented a new organic range of processed potato products at the Fruit Logistica event. This line consists of diced potatoes, pre-cooked baby potatoes, french fries, and potato cakes. 

“We have noticed that more and more retailers are demanding organic products. Producing these products is often more difficult than making conventional products, no doubt about that. However, if the demand increases, one must certainly respond to it as a supplier and producer.”

Source: FreshPlaza / De Aardappelhoeve

Lukie Pieterse, Editor & Publisher

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