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Fresh Solutions Network moving into Canada, continue expansion in the US

As the 2019 potato market tightens, the Fresh Solutions Network is prepared to deliver consistent supply to retailers. “We have a lot to be proud of moving into this year. With a short market, retailers will be able to take advantage of our network to provide consistent supply,” said Kathleen Triou with Fresh Solutions Network.

“In 2018 we had a trucking crisis, crazy weather situations, intense competition from outside our category and yet our Side Delights brand continues to grow,” said Triou. The FSN Side Delights Brand seems to be stronger than ever and is finding new demand for its unique potato products.

“This season we are continuing to run the product lines we’ve had the past few years.” Triou added, “We’re expanding into Canada and continuing to expand to new U.S. retailers.”

Triou sees consumers branching out and trying new potato varieties in addition to the tried and true. “Russets are the backbone of the category and I don’t see that changing, but we’re seeing confidence in consumers in that they’re trying something new like our red or a yellow potatoes.”

In potatoes, as in most produce categories, consumers are looking for convenience. “There is this continual emphasis on convenience — quick to cook, fresh-cut or kits with a with a special seasoning or oil,” said Triou.

“There’s a drive toward global flavor fusion and potatoes are truly one of the perfect vegetables for that. They pick up all these wonderful flavors and don’t compete with them.”

Source: Fresh Solutions Network
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