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Idaho potato market should lift once Burbanks start shipping

Movement of Norkotah potatoes in Idaho continues at a steady pace as Russet suppliers begin anticipating when the Burbank will take over as the dominant variety for the remainder of the season.

It’s expected that the onset of Burbank shipments will lift the market into a stronger position. According to suppliers, this is because the pack-out percentages drop on Burbank potatoes as opposed to Norkotah.

“We are running the Norkotah variety primarily in southern Idaho and once we wrap those up in late April, first part of May, we will then be moving to the Burbank variety for the remainder of the shipping season,” explained Colin Gibson of 20/20 Produce Sales.

“Once we start running more Burbank’s as a state we will see the market climb. Burbanks are shipped later because they have the ability to store all the way up until we start the next year’s crop. However, once the switch is made from Norkotahs to Burbanks, the pack-out percentage drops from say 80 – 90 percent down to many times 60 percent. Just the pack-out percentage alone means there is less volume in the pipeline, putting a strain on supplies, and this drives the Idaho potato market up.”

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