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Smart weather data: Pessl launches new iMetos LoRain weather station

The Pessl iMetos LoRain weather station provides real time measurements for rain, temperature and humidity.

Pessl Intruments introduces the new iMetos LoRain weather station. The compact and – according to the Austrian company – easy to use weather station provides real time measurement in the field for rain, temperature and relative humidity.

8 virtual sensors

Next to these weather parameters the station calculates many more with the help of 8 virtual sensors. It has an everlasting energy source in the form of a solar panel and works whenever the minimum of sunlight is available, says Pessl.

FieldClimate platform

The collected data is sent via LoRaWAN network to the FieldClimate platform, where it can be reached with the help of a mobile app, from anywhere, anytime. The system is equipped with an auto cleaning mechanism to make maintenance simple and fast.

With the data that farmers can plan when to spray, create models for disease risks and infection dates for many crops. Also, farmers can create a localised weather forecast.

Possibilities with iMetos LoRain weather station

  • Plan the work week based on a localised weather forecast for the operations site
  • Plan the work day based on the actual rain and temperature data and the daily weather forecast for your field
  • Plan a spray program based on disease models and prediction and check the quality of spray work online
  • Plan irrigation based on ET-crop and predicted plant water use
  • Bring data directly into your management software and Operations Center via automatic interface

This article was published by Future Farming – go here to read the full article. Author: Hugo Claver –Web editor for Future Farming

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