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Jasa offers complete packaging solutions for potatoes

Netherlands-based packaging solutions provider Jasa is offering complete packaging solutions and packaging lines for all types of potatoes to meet the market demands.

Jasa said that potatoes in supermarket comes packed in different shapes and sizes, from small packages, large packages, pillow bags, to doy-style packages and tray packaging.

The company employs an industrial weigher, which weighs the exact portions of sorted potatoes and later the portions are packed in their respective packages. Through the outfeed belt, the packed potatoes are transported to the case packers or baler and are shipped to the supermarkets and consumers.

JASA founder Piet Pannekeet said: “Nowadays there are more different kinds of potatoes available. Older potatoes varieties are making a comeback. Because of that, the consumers are eating a larger variety of potatoes and therefore are buying smaller packages.

“You will see potatoes in a wide range of different packages. Some are packed in a plastic bag, while others are packed in a plastic sealed cardboard tray. For years these two ways were the norm to pack potatoes, but now we can replace the plastic packaging with paper: Bag-2-Paper. Depending on the wishes of the customer, we can make a fully automated line.”

Jasa also offers solutions for sorting the potatoes to supply the best potatoes to the consumers, where they are sorted by size and quality before they enter the packing line.

The company uses Newtec Celox machine for sorting the potatoes by size, which also scans the potatoes for quality with the help of cameras. The potatoes are processed very fast while they are analyzed before they are accurately sorted accordingly.

Jasa said that there are number of ways to pack potatoes, and similarly there are also a number of methods to keep the potatoes fresh in their packaging.

Source: Compelo

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