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Traceability trend: Kettle’s chip bags now track potatoes back to farm of origin

The Kettle Brand started last year to tag its bags of chips with codes that make it possible for customers to see which farmers where grew the potatoes for them.

Interested in learning more about how much work went into a single bag of chips and where the potatoes originated? Kettle Brand potato chip company has started placing so-called Tater Tracker codes on its chip bags for customers to scan and learn about the farmers who grew and supplied the potato crops for them – which eventually went into producing a specific bag of chips.

This unique code can be entered on Kettle’s website and from there the customer will then be supplied with detailed information about its origin.

When a customer enters the 10- to 14-digit code, they get to learn about one of the farmers who grew the ingredients for their specific bag of chips. The digital content comes with a brief biography about the farmers as well as an interactive 360 degree video tour of the farm.

Kettle went to great lengths to list all of the farmers who supply them with raw product on its website for anyone to access. These farms include for example Allied Potato, Bula-Gieringer Farms, Burch Farms, Mortenson Bros. and many other farms.

Those interested in trying it out can purchase a bag of Kettle chips and find the code below the ‘best before’ stamp. Then go to and enter the code.

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