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‘Gold-leaf seasoned potato chips’ an edible salute to Japan’s new emperor

Next month, Crown Prince Naruhito will become the emperor of Japan, and the country will enter a new imperial era, to be called Reiwa. With the 30-year Heisei period coming to a close, people across Japan have been looking back nostalgically on the past three decades, but on May 1, it’ll be time for Japan enter a bold, new era, with bold new snacks.

Snacks like potato chips seasoned with gold.

Japanese snack maker Koikeya has announced that on May 1, right about the time Crown Prince Naruhito is ascending to the Chrysanthemum Throne, the rest of us can have chips dusted with powdered gold leaf. The company’s new Shining Salt (Kirameki Shio in Japanese) potato chip flavor was born of Koikeya’s desire to create “a suitably dramatic, luxurious, and special potato chip with which to adorn the start of the Reiwa period.”

For an extra-premium feel, the Shining Salt chips come in a gold-colored bag packed inside a formal black box.  The Sparkling Salt potato chips go on sale at Lawson convenience stores on May 1, with an expected price of 300 yen.

Source: PR Times via Japaaan

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