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Potato acreage in France expected to increase this season

The National Union of Potato Growers of France (UNPT) is said to estimate that the total potato acreage in that country will grow this year, despite the difficulties in finding seed potatoes, according to an AgroDigital report via FreshPlaza. The UNPT advises growers to ensure they are able to supply the quantity and quality that their buyers demand.

The organization reportedly said once again that growers should sign contracts with their buyers, so that they are assured of a reasonable payment. The UNPT has developed a standard contract that potato growers can resort to.

The organization warns that there are some draft contracts in circulation that entail high risks for growers, as was seen in the 2018/2019 season, when yields fell sharply as a result of the dry weather and many growers were forced to buy potatoes in order to meet the stipulations in the contracts with their buyers.

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