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High tech equipment ensures new level of performance for Aussie potato packer

Thomas Foods International Fresh Produce has installed a world-first Spectrim potato grading line as part of enhancements to its Penfield Gardens-based production facility.

The company’s CEO, Rod Knight, said the multi-million dollar Compac potato sorting and grading technology ensures a new level of accuracy and consistency for supermarket retailers and our export partners to deliver the most accurately graded potatoes into the hands of consumers.

“The fully-automated Compac sorting machine offers a maximum production capacity of 45 tonnes per hour and a streamlined sorting and packaging timeframe can see delivery to SA-based retail distribution centres on the very same day they are processed,” Mr Knight said.

“The clock is always ticking when it comes to bringing fresh food to market and offering much faster but more accurate processing allows us to sort, pack and deliver potatoes to Victoria and NSW overnight and as quick as two days to Queensland,” he said.

“That means consumers can enjoy fresher potatoes that have been assessed using technology that pays an appropriate level of respect to the ongoing efforts of farmers who have worked hard to grow amazing local-produce for people to enjoy.”

The upgraded facility was designed with the goals of fast delivery, consistency in quality, and food safety. It features a 12 lane Compac sorter with Spectrim grading technology, advanced packing equipment, and automated pallet weighing, packing and wrapping processes.  Spectrim, with nine cameras on each of the 12 lanes, ensures 100% inspection of each potato using multiple colour and infrared wavelengths.

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