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High blood pressure: Eating potatoes could lower your reading

High blood pressure doesn’t have a clear cause, but certain factors have been proven to raise your risk of the condition developing, such as a diet high in salt. Uncontrolled high blood pressure can lead to the hardening and thickening of the arteries, and then heart attack and stroke, but making some simple changes to what you eat can help lower your reading.

The NHS recommends cutting down on the amount of salt in your food and eating plenty of fruit and vegetables. One vegetable in particular has been shown to have blood pressure lowering qualities: Potatoes…

Linda Van Horn, a professor of preventive medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, says eating potatoes can help lower blood pressure.

The reason potatoes have been proven effective at lowering high blood pressure is because of their potassium content.

According to Prof Van Horn, people with high blood pressure should aim for 2,000 to 4,000mg of potassium a day.

“By eating more fruit and vegetables, you will increase your potassium levels and help to restore the delicate balance. This will help your kidneys to work more efficiently – and help to lower your blood pressure to a healthy level.

One study reported potatoes are the best dietary source of potassium, calculating a small backed potato provides 738mg of potassium. 

Read the full report in Express

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