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Partnership strengthened to ensure the income of potato producers in France

Exceptional weather events and the high volatility of potato prices on the free market have been, for several years, a source of risk in terms of revenue and profitability for the producers.

In 2017, UNPT, in partnership with Meteo Protect, became the first agricultural professional union to provide its members with a number of insurance solutions specifically adapted to the needs of the sector. “For this developing sector, the need to secure revenues and producer margins and to protect their investments has become a major issue.”

“This range of customized products allows the producers to arm themselves against a well-identified weather risk, to secure their revenue, but also to protect themselves from a sharp drop in yields. The main innovation this year is to be as close as possible to the reality of the climate environment of each farm.”

“These parametric insurance solutions are a real management tool allowing producers to develop their resilience with regard to the short-term effects of climate change. These solutions come to complement the general insurances of the ‘weather hazard’ type already offered to producers.”

A web platform provided by Meteo Protect enables each potato producer member of UNPT to request a quotation for an insurance product adapted to his needs. 

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The Meteo Protect offers companies products of financial coverage which compensate for when the weather affects their revenue or margin, or when it creates additional costs. As an insurance broker, Meteo Protect is an insurance and reinsurance underwriting agency which is the largest team in Europe dedicated to the financial management of weather risk.

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