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Cal-Organic Farms to ship fresh crop organic potatoes

This week Cal-Organic Farms, the largest producer of organic vegetables in the US, will start shipping freshly-harvested, new crop red and gold potatoes to customers in the United States and Canada. The company’s organic russet and rainbow fingerling varieties are set to follow in early June.

A division of Grimmway Farms, Cal-Organic is among the first growers to offer new crop potatoes this season. The company is currently harvesting reds and golds in the desert and will transition to harvest its complete portfolio of organic potatoes in Kern County late next month.

Spreading its plantings across two growing regions in California allows Cal-Organic to provide its premium quality potatoes early and sustain consistent supply through October.

The company offers organic red and gold potatoes in traditionally sized 3 and 5-pound packs as well as 50-pound bulk cartons filled with A, B or C sized spuds. They also offer a potato medley of red and golds packed together in a 3-pound pack and a brand new 1.5-pound bag.

Also new this season, Cal-Organic is introducing a 1.5-pound pack of red potatoes in uniform B and C sizes, ensuring quicker cook times and providing customers with an option at a lower price point.

“We are anticipating outstanding quality and consistent supply to launch our fresh crop potato program,” said Bob Borda, Vice President of Organic Sales at Grimmway Farms. “Our team is focused on achieving the best taste and appearance possible—this starts with comprehensive field testing and extends through harvesting and handling techniques we’ve developed to optimize the quality of our potatoes. The extra steps we take to care for our crop helps us ship an end product consumers will want to purchase again and again.”

Later this season, Cal-Organic will release organic russet potatoes in 3 and 5-pounds packs and 50-pound bulk cartons. Rainbow fingerlings, including gold, red and purple varieties, will be offered in 1.5-pound mesh packs as well as 25 and 50-pound bulk cartons with single color options available for bulk orders.

Cal-Organic provides a variety of sizes and consolidated shipping options to suit all retail, foodservice and industrial needs. For more information, call 661-845-3758.

Source: Grimmway Farms

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