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‘Precision farming is key to growing better crops,’ says Israeli agtech start-up

AgTech start-up Taranis grew from 4 to 80 people in just a few years. A rollercoaster for CEO and founder Ofir Schlam, who says we are still in the early days of precision agriculture, according to a report published by Future Farming.

In its 4 year existence the Israeli start-up Taranis has seen huge growth. Taranis started as a tool to provide farmers with the information to detect and prevent crop disease, weeds and insect damage based on weather forecasts gathered from aerial surveillance.

The technology was then further developed by adding visual layers from satellites, planes and drones and leveraged with AI capabilities. Taranis also created a one-of-a-kind, patented hardware that can capture accurate images at a high resolution from a plane flying at 160 km/h, such as a specific insect on a leaf from 200 feet above ground.

Taranis CEO Ofir Schlam says the future of the precision farming industry is looking bright, with thousands of start-ups emerging within the last 10 years. 

According to Schlam, “our goal is to enhance our system to be able to automatically assess a farm, identify a problem and provide detailed diagnoses and actions in real-time to prevent problems and optimise yields – without disrupting nature’s natural course.

“We want to be the go-to solution for any farmer, coop, ag retailer and agronomy consultants who want to offer a precision ag program. The ultimate goal is to help farmers worldwide to maximise yield, profitability and sustainability of every acre of soil and make every management decision as easy as possible.”

Read the full report and watch a video here. Author: Hugo Claver, Web editor for Future Farming

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