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The Idaho ‘ice cream potato’: A sweet twist on the classic baked potato

Idaho is the place for potatoes — its state vegetable is the potato, it’s home to the Idaho Potato Museum and its farmers produce 13 billion pounds of potatoes annually.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that a state known for potatoes has some tricks up its sleeve when it comes to inventive ways of preparing, writes Kerry Breen of the TODAY Show.

Meet the Idaho Ice Cream Potato!, Kerry writes. “This shockingly sweet spud is the brainchild of local chef Lou Aaron, and he’s spent nearly 40 years perfecting this dessert that looks exactly like a savory baked potato”.

“We could do a movie on how many times people have mistaken this for a baked potato,” Aaron told TODAY Food. “They can’t believe we’re putting ice cream into a potato! They think it’s disgusting until they start eating it.”

The dessert is really a large, potato-shaped ball of super creamy vanilla ice cream (that has an exceptionally high butter fat content), dusted in cocoa powder, then topped with Oreo cookies, whipped cream and diced peanuts. The whole thing is served on a bed of chocolate syrup to give it ‘that fresh-from-the-dirt’ look.

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Picture above credited to Lou Aaron

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