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Researchers developing a hyperspectral imaging technique for Potato Virus Y detection

A potato crop can be infected by various viral pathogens resulting in a broad spectrum of different symptoms. PVY (genus Potyvirus, family Potyviridae), is one of the most prevalent and important viruses in potatoes globally and is in the top–ten of most damaging plant viruses.

“When virus is found in the field, virus diseased plants lead to declassification or even rejection of the seed lots resulting in a financial loss. Farmers try to detect diseased plants and remove virus-diseased plants from the field. Nevertheless virus diseased plants can be missed during visual observations in particular in an early stage of cultivation. For these reasons, there is a need for fast and objective disease detection system”, the scientists of Wageningen University & Research explain.

An early detection of diseased plants with modern vision techniques can significantly reduce losses and costs. The researchers conducted a study focusing on the detection of PVY infected potato plants using hyperspectral imaging and deep learning.

Full report by FreshPlaza here

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