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US potato chip company to construct warehouse to accommodate growing business

Officials with West Virginia-based Mister Bee Potato Chips said this week that plans are in place to construct a new warehouse in order to keep up with expanding production.

An estimated $500,000, 10,000-square-foot project, the warehouse is planned to be built next to the company’s production facility in Parkersburg, The Parkersburg News & Sentinel reports.

The growth follows a recent investment of new machinery at the plant, which led to more efficient use of potatoes and allowed for increased production, according to the report.

Officials discussed the plans with West Virginia Commerce Secretary Ed Gaunch and other department officials as they toured the facility Thursday.

The Mister Bee production plant was one of the last stops on the most recent of Gaunch’s listening tours, according to a release from the commerce department.

Full report here

Lukie Pieterse, Editor & Publisher

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