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Adorable: Virginia boy, 6, feeds his grandfather with alzheimer’s a baked potato

A caring six-year-old boy from Virginia has taken it upon himself to cut his great-grandpa’s baked potato and feed him his dinner.

In a touching video, he can be heard asking ‘you want some coleslaw, right here?’ before carefully scooping up some cabbage slaw onto a spoon and gestures for his 79-year-old grandpa to open wide.

The youngster Colton Keith, from Saltville, makes sure his elder who suffers Alzheimer’s and cannot look after himself, does not leave any pieces around his mouth. 

And according to his mom, he makes this effort at the dinner table every day – it is just one of his many kind gestures.

He carefully cleans the spoon with a napkin before tackling the potato with his fork, in the footage filmed by his mom Nichole Eastridge.

She encourages her kid to ask Franklin if it tastes good and the grandpa nods in acknowledgement after his mouthful. 

Full report on Brinkwire here. The YouTube video below was published by Caters Clips here.

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