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McDonald’s adds international favorites to the menu, including sweet potato fries from the Netherlands

Fed up of classic McDonald’s fries? Then make sure you try out the new sweet potato fries that have been introduced as part of the international menu.

Look, let’s be perfectly honest here, McDonald’s is not known for their fries, writes Cullum Gunn in an article on Fansided. They’re OK and they will certainly curb that craving you get for something quick to eat, but they’re not anything special.

Thankfully, McDonald’s appears to be looking to correct that particular wrong by introducing sweet potato fries to the menu. Introduced as part of the international menu, we have the Netherlands to thank for these sweet tasting fries.

It’s a really impressive new menu and something McDonald’s fans need to try out, although it is currently only available at headquarters in Chicago.

Full report by Callum Gunn on Fansided here

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