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Late blight found in some south-central Idaho potato fields

Late blight has been found in several potato fields near Paul, Idaho, the Pacific Northwest Pest Alert Network reports.

Capital Press says in an article published today that sporulation was observed on diseased tissue. The University of Idaho is testing to determine the type or strain found.

The blight is extensive in some of the fields, Jeff Miller of Rupert-based Miller Research said in the alert notice. Weather conditions as of the report date were not favorable for spreading the pathogen, but risk of spread would increase greatly if thunderstorms develop. He advised growers to maintain an effective fungicide program.

“Late blight under the right conditions completely defoliates a crop,” Miller Research Field Trial Manager and agronomist Trent Taysom said in an interview. “It takes leaves off and can kill a potato crop in a field not protected by proper fungicide applications.”

Read the full Capital Press report here.

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