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Romain Cools of Belgapom comments on the developing European potato season

“Although the potatoes aren’t out of the ground yet, there are already a lot of reports and speculations in the media about the new potato season. Sometimes you read about disastrous situations and then about the good yields that are expected,” Romain Cools, Secretary General of Belgapom told the AGF news agency recently.

“As far as the situation in Belgium is concerned, the early season was quite a success. We can’t speak of an excellent season, but it also hasn’t been a bad one. At the moment there is a limited demand for loose potatoes, which has caused the prices to drop quickly.

“Despite the situation being a lot more positive than last year, we have to wait until the potatoes are out of the ground. If the harvest conditions aren’t optimal, this can cause added surprises.

The question is also whether most plots can expect a lot of growth: The drought and heat that has been announced will cause the growth on many fields to halt.

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