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German company says it holds the solution to potato greening

The toxins solanin and chaconin are responsible for the “greening” of potato tubers. This makes the tubers not only unsightly and unsuitable for the trade, but inedible as well, because the glycoalkaloids solanine and chaconin are toxic to humans. 

Based on intensive studies and practical experience, German based Conpower has been manufacturing special luminaires for the potato industry for nearly a year, selecting LED diodes that work in the 530 to 540 nm light spectrum.

The “green LED light” manufactured by Conpower is said to prevent greening and the formation of toxins within the potato; an important technological solution for the potato storage and processing sectors.

The company further claims that energy savings of 70 to 80 percent are being achieved with their LED lights.

Conpower says it focuses on “intelligent lighting” solutions and automation technology. The company will be exhibiting at Potato Europe 2019 (4th & 5th September in Kain, Belgium).

FreshPlaza published a full report on this development (with pictures) – go here to read the article. Pictures copyright FreshPlaza

Stockosorb 660 from Eco+

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