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Potato Europe 2019: Dewulf to present new options for RA3060, Kwatro and MH series

Dewulf, full-liner in machines for the cultivation of potatoes and root crops, will place particular focus on haulm processing, sieving capacity and roller cleaning during Potato Europe 2019 next week in Belgium.

Machines on display for visitors will include an RA3060 with two separate haulm rollers, a Kwatro featuring a bunker with sieving discharge elevator and an MH 241 with Clean-Boost. This is the very first time any of these three options will be presented to the public.

In addition to these machines and their innovations, the manufacturer will also conduct numerous harvesting and storage demonstrations. The machines will be on hand for your close inspection in Doornik (BE) from 4 to 5 September (outdoor stand no. 55).

Dewulf will be bringing the following machines to Potato Europe 2019:

RA3060 with two separate haulm rollers: ideal for tough haulms (new)


The RA3060 with two separate haulm rollers, a variant of Dewulf’s well-known two-row sieving harvester, was specially developed as a solution for the increasing, tough haulm that growers must deal with during harvesting.

Through the addition of an extra haulm roller, haulm that was not removed by the standard haulm roller is nevertheless extracted from the product flow before hedgehog unit 1. In view of the fact that chemical haulm destruction will become ever less of an option due to stricter European regulations, this variant of the RA3060 is expected to become increasingly popular.

Kwatro featuring a bunker with sieving discharge elevator: ideal for loading straight off the field (new)

The Kwatro

The Kwatro, self-propelled 4-row sieving harvester, can now be fitted with a 2-part bunker with sieving discharge elevator. With this new option, you have extra sieving capacity during unloading of the bunker into a trailer or tipping trailer.

The bunker floor is followed by a bar web in the discharge elevator that sieves out excess soil. This option is especially handy for direct delivery. Moreover, like the Kwatro’s standard bunker, the bunker with discharge elevator still allows simple unloading on the move during harvesting.

MH 241 with Clean-Boost: maintain optimum cleaning capacity (new)

MH 241

Starting this autumn, the MH series of Miedema receiving hoppers will feature an additional way to clean the rollers: Clean-Boost. With this option, the speed of the electrically driven PU rollers can be boosted briefly to remove caked-on soil, so as to maintain optimum cleaning capacity. The demo receiving hopper at the trade fair, an MH 241 with a capacity of 20 m3, will have two roller units.

Roller unit 1 is fitted with spiral rollers and a retractable Smart-Pin, while roller unit 2 has PU rollers and the brand new Clean-Boost. Thanks to the Smart-Pin, a hard-wearing point that runs between the spiral rollers, you are assured of consistent product cleaning quality without interruption of the storage process.

Numerous harvesting and storage demonstrations

Dewulf will also present the recently launched CP 42 Smart-Float GII, the second generation of its 3-in-1 planter combination, at its stand. This trailed 4-row machine combines soil cultivation, planting and ridging in a single working pass to save growers time, money and man hours.

CP 42 Smart-Float GII

The CP 42 Smart-Float GII consists of a CP 42 in combination with an SC Compact, a rotary cultivator that Dewulf specifically developed for use in combination with this cup planter. This cultivator, which follows the introduction of the SC 300, is the second model in the brand-new SC series from Dewulf. Like the SC 300, the SC Compact guarantees high, reliable performance and excels in ease of use.

With the CP 42 Smart-Float GII, both the working depth of the cultivator and the planting depth are steplessly adjustable and can be adjusted independently of each other via the operator terminal (HMI) in the tractor cabin.

During planting, sensors monitor the cultivator to ensure it is continuously loosening the desired amount of soil, and the cultivator is actively adjusted. Moreover, the furrow openers maintain a consistent planting depth that follows the contours of the field.

The Torro, a trailed 2-row sieving harvester with particular attention to potato-friendliness, will also be on display at the fair. Dewulf will bring the variant with unloading-on-the-move bunker and a hydraulically driven sieving conveyor 1 (unique in its segment). This drive system provides infinitely variable control of the speed of the sieving web, either manually as needed or automatically in proportion to the driving speed, via the Syncro Flow function.

The Torro

Dewulf will also demonstrate a complete storage line during Potato Europe. In addition to the MH 241, it will also include a Miedema MC 1780, an ME 100 and an ML 1980. The 17 m long, 80 cm wide duo belt conveyor – the MC 1780 – stands out for its capacity, potato-friendliness and easy operation.

The soil sieved out by the MH is carried away by an ME 100, a 10 m long, 80 cm wide elevator conveyor. The ME series consists of stable, robust machines with a capacity of up to 160 tonnes/h. The ML 1980 is a 19 m long, 80 cm wide store loader with a high capacity of up to 180 tonnes/h.

The ML 80 series was recently improved with a new filling function: Premium. This fourth filling function enables you to fill a storage shed completely automatically in perfect layers and with attention to product-friendliness. Because the grower does not have to do anything manually, he can focus entirely on monitoring the overall storage process.

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