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Weuthen Potato Day: Potato market expert talks about 2019 harvest outlook for Europe

FreshPlaza reports that the 30th Weuthen Potato Day, held in Germany on Thursday, 29th August, was again focused on this year’s harvest forecasts. 

The event was ushered in with an opening speech by managing director Ferdi Buffen. He told FreshPlaza: “Due to area expansion, higher irrigation capacities and better yields in the major growing regions, we expect a 10-15% higher harvest in the entire HAFPAL area compared to 2018. In parts of East Germany, Lower Saxony, Poland and other regions of South and Eastern Europe, we forecast smaller yields.”

All in all, according to Buffen, the European potato industry can look forward to a plentiful harvest. In the 2019 harvest, commodity flows will shift from west to east, ultimately ensuring that supply and demand in Europe balance each other out. In numbers, the harvest quantities 2019 are currently estimated as follows:

Germany:        10,00 – 10,50 Mln. tons
EU 5:               27,00 – 28,50 Mln. tons

These yields are just covering demand and allow for a normal, adequate price level for the 2019 harvest, according to Buffen.

Read the full article on FreshPlaza here (including a photo report). Photo credit FreshPlaza. Wilhelm Weuthen GmbH maintains a website here

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