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The Germans’ insatiable love affair with potatoes

They were once guarded by the king and are sometimes eaten with apple sauce. For Potato Day on August 19, here are some things you maybe didn’t know about potatoes in Germany, published by Deutsche Welle (DW). We re-publish a few of these below. Go to this page on the DW website and click on the potato picture to see more.

Potatoes are a German staple
No matter how you slice it, potatoes make up a large part of the average German diet. Whether in soups, mashed, fried, or served as French fries or chips, an average of roughly 60-65 kilograms of potatoes are eaten per person per year in Germany.
There are sundry potato salad recipes
Pot lucks can prove problematic in Germany, since potato salad is a popular dish to bring. However, everyone’s version is different. Some smother the sliced potatoes in hot oil and bacon; others prefer theirs chilled and coated in mayonnaise and accompanied by pickles. Either way, German potato salad is a must at any grill party.
Potatoes are made round again
Hearty German fare often includes potato dumplings, which come in different varieties. Some are made with cooked potatoes, while others mixed with flour for more consistency. Known as either Klösse or Knödel, the potato dumpling is a favorite side with pork roast.
Chips go German-style
Much of those 60-odd kilograms eaten by the average German each year must come from potato chips, considering it takes 10,000 kilograms of potatoes to make 2,500 kilograms of chips. Although chips are not native to Germany, some of the flavor choices are. Originally limited to only paprika or salt, flavors now include currywurst, ketchup and mayonnaise — and even the African sauce chakalaka.
French fries can be a meal
Known as “Pommes” in Germany, French fries are often served with currywurst (pictured) or as a side dish with any other hearty meal. But street vendors also sell them all by themselves, often in paper cones and with a wooden fork – a trend in neighboring Holland and Belgium, too. They are offered with a wide variety of sauces, included standard ketchup, curry-flavored ketchup and mayonnaise.
Common at the Christmas market
“Reibekuchen” are shredded potatoes mixed with onions, deep fried and topped with applesauce, molasses or smoked salmon and yogurt sauce. They are a delicacy found at many Christmas markets in Germany. Popular with kids, the potato pancake can be quite filling despite its simplicity – but they’re greasy, so grab a napkin when you buy them to-go.
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Lukie Pieterse, Editor and Publisher of Potato News Today

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