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The Roundup debate: Germany aims to ban glyphosate usage in weedkillers

The German government aims to phase out herbicides containing glyphosate by the end of 2023, a move that could generate further headwinds for German drug and chemical giant Bayer AG.

As part of the proposal approved by her cabinet on Wednesday, the government intends to oppose any request for the EU to renew the license to produce the weedkiller, according to a release by the environment ministry. Jurisdiction over licensing lies with Brussels and not with EU member countries.

“I don’t expect that there will be a majority anywhere in the EU for glyphosate after 2022,” Environment Minister Svenja Schulze said at a news conference in Berlin.

The move could prove a further setback for Bayer, which faces massive U.S. lawsuits alleging its Roundup herbicide causes cancer.

The chemical industry association VCI, said the government was getting ahead of itself by banning a product before a decision had been made by the relevant European Union authority.

Read the full report by Birgit Jennen published on the Bloomberg website here

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