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Podcasts: Yara North America agronomist on plant nutrition and other production issues

In the first podcast of his Weekly Agronomic Tip last week, Dr. Steve Petrie, Director of Agronomic Services at Yara North America discussed the Liebig’s Law of the Minimum and how it not only applies to plant nutrition, but also to all production factors including genetics, environment, and management (GEM’s).

The latest podcast, published earlier this week, Dr. Petrie’s presentation is titled “Crop Production is all about GEMs”. This Agronomic Tip of the Week is about the three factors that determine crop yield: The so-called GEM factors – Genetics, Environment, and Management. Dr Petrie discusses these three factors and how to increase the capabilities of each.

He further discusses two main management components: Nutrient management – specifically the Four R’s (Right nutrient rate, Right nutrient source, Right nutrient application timing, and Right nutrient placing).

You can listen to these podcasts, published on Yara North America’s website, where you will also find many other podcasts and get agronomic advice, production and market insights, and much more.

Visit this page on the Yara website to access the podcasts

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