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How a potato could propel Wardynski & Sons through another 100 years

Skip Wardynski is hoping failure breeds success. It was just five years ago that his century-old hot dog company thought it had found the next big thing: a low-fat hot dog called Duetts that would appeal to increasingly health conscious consumers and put the Peckham Street, New York state company on the national map.

Back then, the company came up with a bangers-and-mash type of sausage with potatoes inside. Everybody loves sausage with potatoes inside, right? It turns out, they didn’t.

Duetts didn’t take off, but Wardynski still believed he was on to something. In doing so, the company stumbled upon and perfected a formula that greatly reduces fat, sodium and the need for undesirable added ingredients when paired with protein.

Now, Wardynski & Sons has formed a new company – Botaniline – that will use the same technology to help food manufacturers ride the clean eating craze and help them eliminate the fillers and additives that label-conscious consumers are increasingly trying to avoid.

Wardynski experimented over and over again with the potatoes to get the proper texture and consistency in the sausage. As he did, he and owner Skip Wardynski noticed something about the nutrition information that came back with those test batches.

If it works, it could do what they thought the Duetts line would do for them from the beginning: Broaden its product line and help the company go national.

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