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Potato harvest underway in southern Idaho

KMVT’s Ricardo Coronado spoke with J&W Agri-Corp to see how they’re expecting to be on schedule in transportation despite the recent rainy conditions.

Near 65,000 or 70,000 pounds of potatoes fill up this truck, it’s pretty normal sight to see this time of year and for Justin Johnson with J&W Agri-Corp. It’s one of his favorites.

“… Because everybody comes together get the crop out of the ground, get in storage or in a plant,” Johnson said. “And its’ cool to see everybody come together as a team with a farmer and us.”

On Friday, in Rupert at the Sun Valley Potato Plant his truck drivers are making rounds to have a successful season. “We haul potatoes yearly but early mid-September to mid-October for harvest season for the local,” he said.

The drivers are back in action, transporting potatoes to the cellars. This week with the recent rain, Johnson says it stalled them for a bit, but they consider themselves lucky it wasn’t a big one.

“Usually if it rains hard enough the farmers can’t dig; they can’t take the potatoes out of the ground,” he said. “It pretty much shuts everything down for a day or two days depending how long it takes to dry out.”

Johnson tells KMVT next week will be a busy one for them, and he believes everyone is on schedule for the harvest season.

“Everybody expects a certain number of rain outs for the season,” he said. “(I) don’t think anybody feels they’re behind schedule now.”

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