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McCain launches SureCrisp fries to counter soggy delivery fries

It is a truth universally acknowledged that ordering fries for delivery is going to result in a potent cocktail of devastation, regret, and cold, soggy potato, as the fries slowly steam themselves in transit, writes James Hansen on MSN.

Question one: Why, then, do people still order them? Question two: Is it an insurmountable issue? Perhaps, no longer.

McCain, the frozen chip giant responsible for filling freezers with starch up and down the country, is launching SureCrisp fries. Already available in U.S. markets, these fries have a “clear coating” — potato starch, not perspex — that allegedly keeps fries crisp through a 30 minute delivery window.

Now, most restaurants would probably rather make their own fries if they have the means — and there’s probably a way to reverse engineer this effect — but maybe, just maybe, the next delivery chip might not taste like self-loathing.

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