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Annual Insight reports on current potato market outlook

Annual Insight recently published a new report on the current potato market situation.

In the report the company says that there were strong sales growth for Agristo. The strong net sales development in 2018 reportedly shows that Agristo was able to fill its new plant in Wielsbeke.

Annual Insights also reports that Mydibel is planning to build a new processing plant for chilled potato products next to its Gramybel (dehydrated) plant in Mouscron, with an annual capacity of 87,500 tonnes of chilled french fries.

It is further reported that Farm Frites and Aviko are to invest in processing capacity after years of low(-er) investment levels. In addition, Aviko published its plans to build a new plant in Poperinge with a capacity of 175,000 tons of french fries. The permit for the facility was granted in 2015, but the project was postponed and for a while it seemed to be off the table. The plans were presumably resurrected following Aviko’s capacity constraints that Interim-CEO Ton Christiaanse mentioned in recent interviews.

More information on the Annual Insight report here

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