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Idaho potato growers anticipate big spud crop this season

The Idaho potato season is well underway, with plenty of supplies for holiday dinners, marketers say.

“Since the beginning of harvest in early August, we have focused on promoting the farms and packing facilities,” said Corey Griswold, COO with Hailey, Idaho-based grower-shipper ProSource Inc. 

“Once harvest is complete and everyone settles in, I think this will shake out to be a good market year.” 

Demand also is strong from processing potatoes, and that will affect the fresh market, Griswold said.

Any time there is increased demand from the processors it is a positive for the fresh market,” he said. 

Growing conditions for this year’s crop were “challenging” and yields are down this year, said Robert Tominaga, president of Heyburn, Idaho-based fingerling grower-shipper Southwind Farms Inc.

However, there is plenty of product available year-round.

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