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Bringing the humble potato into the new plastics economy

As CEO of BioLogiQ, Brad LaPray is the beating heart of a team that is pushing ahead with the company’s strategy. He speaks to Liz Gyekye about the company’s roots, its products and the challenges of certification.

Brad LaPray is a man on a mission.

The bioplastic resin manufacturing company he founded in 2011, BioLogiQ, is aiming to help build a world free of pollution caused by non-recycled and non-degradable fossil fuel-based plastic.

Based in Idaho, US, BioLogiQ has invented a novel thermoplastic plant-based resin called NuPlastiQ biopolymers. These biopolymers are made using the starch by-product from potato processing plants.

The company recently announced that it was collaborating with chemical giant Dow to evaluate potential synergies between BioLogiQ’s NuPlastiQ biopolymer and Dow’s polyethylene resin portfolio, in an effort to explore enhanced sustainable plastic options.

And with big relationships already in place with supermarket giants, global plastic resin and product manufacturers and bag closure specialist Kwik Lok, LaPray already has plenty on this plate. But he took time out to talk about BioLogiQ’s (@BioLogiQ1 ) history, products and challenges with Bio Market Insights.

Source: Full report at Bio Market Insights here

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