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Potato and onion sales run hot during the holidays in the US

Winter may be dawning during the Thanksgiving-Christmas holiday period, but for potato and onion marketers, things are heating up.

Both are staple items in all holiday feasts, so they are easy to find and easy for retailers to display, said Lauren Dees, marketing manager with Lake Park, Ga.-based onion grower-shipper Generation Farms.

The holiday season is an important marketing and merchandising season for onions, as well as potatoes, said Eric Beck, marketing director with Idaho Falls, Idaho-based grower-shipper Wada Farms Marketing Group LLC.

“The holiday months are some of the highest demand months of the season for these commodities,” he said. 

“Marketing can be inclusive of ensuring surety of supplies, good quality, recipe usage, etc. It really comes down to if you’re marketing to a B2B or B2C audience.”

Houston-based MountainKing Potatoes sees the holiday season as a “golden” marketing opportunity, said John Pope, vice president of sales and marketing.

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