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Pepsico launches Lay's BIO onto the Spanish market, its first organic potato chips

PepsiCo is launching its first 100% organic potato chips: Lay’s BIO onto the Spanish market. The new product has the European certification that guarantees the organic cultivation of its ingredients, as well as the absence of additives.

This new product is made with locally-grown potatoes and high quality organic sunflower oil. This, together with a careful production process, results in a crunchy texture and a delicious flavor.

With this launch, Lay’s shows its commitment to offering a product that meets consumer demands, given the growing preference for organic, sustainable and environmentally-friendly products; a market segment that grew by 35% in 2018.

The new Lay’s BIO are available in 100 gram bags and can be purchased at Carrefour supermarkets across Spain.Source: Financial Food

Source: Financial Food

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