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Maine Potato Board preps for exciting season ahead

The Maine Potato Board is aiming to continue its winning streak by following up on last year’s very successful season with one that is nearly as good.

“We’ve just been over a long harvest that went much longer than we hoped, but that being said, we got the crop out of the ground and I think it’s a quality crop and I don’t see any issues as far as storage, so I guess we’re pretty thankful that way compared to what happened across some other parts of the potato industry,” said Donald E. Flannery, executive director of the board, headquartered in Presque Isle, ME.

Indeed, a recent report by the USFA rated Maine’s potato farmers a 310 to 320 hundredweight per acre on yield, which is a little above average.

While Maine grows some yellows and reds, the state is primarily known for its round whites, but Flannery said there have been some shifts in recent years into different types of Russet varieties, and he sees that trend continuing.

“And mainly, I think that’s going to be because we have — out of the University of Maine Potato Breeding Program — a variety that was introduced about three years ago called Caribou Russet, which has shown to be a real strong contender as it relates to being able to be packed in the fresh market,” Flannery said.

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