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Canada: Prince Edward Island potatoes in the spotlight in 7 new vignettes

The P.E.I. Potato Board is rolling out a series of short videos designed to give people a peek into where Prince Edward Island potatoes come from. The seven vignettes are a spin-off of an advertising campaign the board launched in 2017, with the tagline: It takes an Island.

Mark Phillips, marketing specialist at the board, said the original TV commercial, and now the vignettes, are aimed at consumers.

“Consumers are more interested than ever in where their food comes from; the process behind getting P.E.I. potatoes to your plate,” Phillips said. “There’s a lot of misinformation out there, so just to show some facts about potato production on P.E.I.”

Phillips said, even on P.E.I., there are some consumers who don’t know where potatoes come from because Islanders are less connected to farming than they used to be. “I’ve had some good friends that are very smart that don’t know how potatoes come out of the ground,” hes said.

One of the themes of the vignettes is the uniqueness of P.E.I. potatoes, part of the branding that the board is trying to reinforce.

Full report on CBC here

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