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Chart ranking of best types of fries sparks hilarious Twitter outrage

A chart ranking the best types of fries has ignited a Twitter firestorm, as users debate the controversial fry-archy with hilarious zeal.

The food squabble came after Twitter user Robert James Russell (@robhollywood) tweeted out on Thursday an illustration he created that ranked nine different types of fries: standard cut french fries, sweet potato, steak fries, cheese fries, waffle fries, crinkle cut, tater tots, curly fries and poutine.

The nine options were placed in a combination of categories ranging from “Good,” “Neutral,” “Evil,” “Lawful” or “Chaotic.” “Well. I spent way too much time making this,” Russell tweeted. “Presenting: the French Fries Alignment.”

Many Twitter users, however, took issue with Russell’s arbitrary ranking. 

“Not enough time clearly…” one person tweeted. Less than an hour after Russell’s tweet, one Twitter user replied with a semi-altered illustration, swapping curly fries, originally listed as “Chaotic Good,” with poutine, which was originally listed as a “Chaotic Evil.”

“I’m sorry, but with all due respect, I had to make a change,” the man tweeted. One person, apparently agreeing with the slight adjustment, replied “It had to be done. Important work here.”

“Imagine thinking that cheese fries are good and poutine is evil. This is straight up heresy,” a Twitter user said. “If poutine is evil, baby I don’t ever wanna be right,” wrote another. Poutine, which includes french fries and cheese curds topped with brown gravy, originated in Quebec. “This a blatant attack on the entire nation of Canada,” one person tweeted. Another Twitter user said, “this is a hate crime.”

Full article on Fox News here

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