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Agrico demonstrates its contribution to sustainable potato cultivation during Fruit Logistica event

Global potato seed and variety company Agrico exhibited at Fruit Logistica in Berlin last week – Wednesday 5 to Friday 7 February 2020. During this leading international trade event, Agrico and its subsidiaries demonstrated the company’s successful contribution to sustainable potato cultivation for the ‘Next Generation’.

Agrico named its strategy for 2020-2030 “good growth“. Their responsibility towards people, the planet and profit is very clearly anchored in their ambitions. An important goal is the sustainability and maintenance of global potato cultivation to feed the current as well as future generations through, amongst other things, yield certainty and good risk spreading on crop loss.

Agrico’s stand at Fruit Logistica 2020

To arm potato growers against the biggest potato diseases, Agrico has developed highly Phytophthora- resistant varieties and announced these two years ago, naming them The Next Generation potatoes. In addition to a uniquely high resistance, these sustainable varieties also have excellent consumption qualities in terms of appearance, taste and uses. This makes the varieties attractive for both growers and buyers.

Preparing ‘Next Gen’ potato bites

A suitable variety is now available for almost every segment in the package, according to Agrico. In addition to precursor Carolus, the package also includes Alouette, Levante, Twister, Twinner, Ardeche and Nofy. Further more, an additional two potentials are arriving that will make the range of properties even larger.

During the Fruit Logistica event, Agrico underlined the growing interest and proven relevance of its “Next Generation” varieties, which were therefore center attention during the fair. The demand for varieties among growers is high in the Netherlands and they have also become indispensable in the sustainable shelves of supermarkets.

The varieties are also grown in many locations worldwide and also prove their added value there through good yields. In this way, Agrico says it contributes to a sustainable future for our Next Generation.

Chain project Kenya

Chain project Kenya
On the second day of Fruit Logistica’s trade fair, Agrico took part in a joint venture organised by Bayer to create a sustainable potato value chain in Kenya. Together with third partner Yara, the three companies ensure that small-scale farmers in Kenya have high-quality means of production.

In addition, they are trained together in groups, in the correct use of seed potatoes, fertilisers and crop protection agents. The small-scale farmers who have organised themselves into groups of growers by the means of production with micro-credit that is guaranteed by a financier on the basis of a purchase agreement from the renowned retailer Carrefour. The collaboration resulted in farmers’ crop yields rising from the national average of 7 to 8 tonnes per hectare to as much as  staggering, 49 tonnes per hectare.

In combination with the premium prices of the Carrefour supermarkets, the higher yields have resulted in the average gross income of the small farmer being nine times as high than usual. The partnership plays a key role in providing more food security in Kenya in line with the strategic “Big Four” agenda of the Kenyan government and giving a significant boost to the income of small-scale farmers in Kenya.

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