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Canada: Make spring nutrient plans now, say Univ of Manitoba soil scientists

A series of looming challenges makes planning now for spring nutrient applications crucial, two Manitoba soil scientists say.

A wet fall and stretched-out harvest kept many producers from applying nitrogen fertilizer. While spring nitrogen application is not unheard of, it will then have to compete with many other tasks, said University of Manitoba soil science professor Don Flaten.

This may be compounded by logistics, said Flaten, as manufacturers, dealers and farmers attempt to haul nitrogen along with the usual phosphorus and potassium fertilizers.

“It’s going to strain the whole system,” he said.

As a result, Flaten said some agronomists are advising their clients to get their nutrition inputs in place now so they’re not left in the lurch this spring.

To get all nutrients in place, farmers will need to be prepared to use practices other than what they’re used to, Flaten said.

When deciding how to apply nitrogen this spring, or into the summer, producers have several methods and sources to work with.

Seven options are laid out in a bulletin prepared by Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development crop nutrition specialist John Heard and Flaten.

Read the full article in Manitoba Cooperator here
Photo: The weather led to waterlogged fields and little in the way of fall nitrogen applications.  Vikram Bisht/MARD

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