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Precision farming: SMART Fertilizer Management launches new SMART software program and unique pricing model

SMART Fertilizer Management, headquartered in the UK and operating globally, is a precision agriculture company that specializes in providing fertilizer management tools to agronomists and farmers alike.

The company’s core product, the online SMART fertilizer software program, has been tested and proven by a multitude of users in more than 60 countries around the world. The software can be applied for precision planning and management of fertilizer regimes of an impressive total of 271 different crops, including potatoes.

“Our SMART software is designed to prevent over and under fertilization,” says Salvatore Gaetano Verdoliva, Chief Agronomist with Smart Fertilizer Management. “The team which developed SMART does not only consist of professionals who are experienced in the fields of science, environmental studies, and agriculture, but they are also passionate about making a difference with their knowledge and services. Our goal is no doubt to help farmers to attain better and higher quality crop yields and decrease production costs, but also to contribute to a positive environmental impact of farming practices,” Salvatore says.

He notes that “proper fertilizer management with our software do help farmers in their efforts to keep fertilizer from unwanted leaching into ground water and surface water sources, while preserving soil structure, and allowing for the production of healthier crops”.

SMART software for potato fertilization planning and management

Cláudia Carvalho, agronomist and potato specialist at Smart Fertilizer Management, points out that a comprehensive, fine-tuned nutrient management program is essential for maintaining a healthy potato crop, for optimizing tuber yield and quality, and for minimizing undesirable impacts on the environment.

“The optimum growth and development of a potato crop depends on many management factors, but a sufficient and accurate supply of nutrients is one of the crucially important factors that potato growers need to take care of,” she says. “And this is where our SMART software comes into play,” Cláudia remarks.

“During my work with potato farmers I’ve seen firsthand how our software program makes their fertilizer planning easier and also more accurate,” Cláudia remarks. “Given the great importance of precise nutrient application planning and accurate interpretation of soil analyses in potato farming, I am confident in saying that our SMART software product fulfills the needs of professional potato growers in this regard.”

New SMART software version launched

During the first week of February this year, a new and updated version of the SMART software was launched by Smart Fertilizer Management company.

“We are very excited about the launch of the latest version of our software,” says Valeriia Istratova, who is in charge of Business Management at the company. “The roll-out of the new software package is the result of the hard work done by our dedicated team of crop specialists and technical staff. I have no doubt that all users of the software will benefit tremendously from this update.”

Salvatore Gaetano Verdoliva explains the enhanced features that are included in the new version of the SMART software. “Although the previous version of the SMART software was “pre-set” to include the new features, their development was not finished until now. With the new software everything is a go – all features were upgraded and calibrated to provide users with precise accurate results,” he says.

The features that the new version of the software allow users to implement, are as follows:

–              Previous crop effect. The crop that a farmer grew previously leaves residues in the soil – which are organic matter for the new crop and potential nutrients.

–              Organic Matter effect. Organic matter is degraded by micro-organisms and it is transformed into available nutrients in the soil.

–              Tillage effect. Tillage practices can affect the organic matter degradation and the deployment of available nutrients in the soil.

–              Soil temperature. Temperature also affects the micro-organism activity which is linked consequently to the organic matter degradation.

Salvatore points out that the speed of calculation of the new software was technically enhanced as much as 200 times, and for that reason users will find that the process of creating a fertilization plan is now much faster and more user-friendly. Moreover, the interface of the software is now completely new in order to improve the user experience and make the software very easy to use.

A unique pricing structure now in place

Yanire Ramos, Head of Operations at SMART Fertilizer Management calls attention to the fact that the company not only launched an upgraded software package and new website, but further developed a unique cost policy for its products.

“At SMART Fertilizer Management it is our honest and sincere policy to keep in close contact with our customers, and we are prepared to walk the extra mile listening to them and fulfilling their needs as far as our products are concerned,” Yanire says.

“For this reason we surveyed our customers recently, asking for their feedback and input regarding our pricing model, which was in the past based on type of crops and total number of hectares grown. Based on the feedback we received, we subsequently decided to implement an important change in our pricing policy. We now price our new products in number of crops and fertilization plans, instead of the type of crops and the number of hectares cultivated,” she says.

Yanire points out that this revised costing policy now offers customers important benefits. “Our new pricing structure, namely to remove the cost per hectare, is indeed a ground-breaking and unique approach in the agricultural software sector. We have little doubt that all our customers will be much pleased by it,” she says. “It certainly not only ensures a real competitive edge to the SMART offering in the marketplace, but will be of great benefit to our current and prospective customers.”

Get in touch!

Potato growers, agronomists and others working in the potato industry worldwide are most welcome to get in touch with the Smart Fertilizer Management team for further information on the new SMART software. Given the fact that the application of the software is Internet based, it can be delivered anywhere in the world, to any user in any country, given that there is an Internet connection available.

You are invited to access the Smart Fertilizer Management website where you will find detailed information on its products and services. The website is maintained here:  

SMART enjoys the support and guidance of Yellow Brick, which invests “in sustainability, without causing unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and add values to communities.”

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