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What to watch for in 2020 Crop Genetics

Two decades ago, we were waking up and celebrating that our computers didn’t melt down on New Year’s Day. We could still tote a bottle of iced tea through an airport security line, and we were on the front side of a stock market bubble bloated with tech stocks and ready to burst.

At the same time, scientists were painstakingly sorting out the genetic blueprint of the human being. They were also deciphering the genetic code of several plants and other organisms

New tools called micro-arrays allowed scientists to examine a snapshot of when, where and how genes were switched on — something they could always do one at a time, but now could analyze thousands in one experiment.

These breakthroughs marked the birth of the genomics era, a time when scientists were able to analyze large sets of genetic information en masse, rather than grinding along studying only one or maybe a few genes in a career.

Since the millennium rolled over 20 years ago, the pace of genetic discovery has only accelerated. Nobody could have predicted how far our technology would advance. However, in some cases, good technology has stalled due to politics and pushback.

Here are some things you might expect to see in 2020…

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