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George Moate company now offers potato growers 25% discount on its Triple Tillerstar bedformer machine

George Moate announced today that the company now offers its 3 bed Tillerstar bedformer machine at 25% off the list price. “The 3 Bed Tillerstar is the only way to create three beds for potatoes, root vegetables or salad crops in a single pass on unprepared land. It is hydraulic folding for easy transportation and storage,” says Estevao Conde, Marketing Administrator at George Moate in the UK.

He says the machine’s patented design buries stones and clods deep beneath perfectly formed beds. “The Tillerstar was tried and tested around the world, and proven that it can save growers up to £300 ($400US) per hectare,” Estevao points out.

“Here at George Moate we manufacture 3 main pieces of agricultural equipment: The Tillerstar which is available in single, double and triple bed widths. The HD Tiller is the improved heavy-duty version of our previous multi-use three bed tiller. And the Rotorstone which similarly to our Tillerstar is able to create a bed from unprepared soil in a single pass, but is more geared towards salads and shallow crops,” Estevao says.

“With our Tillerstar, growers are able to farm smarter by using a single machine to till, destone and form seedbeds in a one-pass operation, saving them the time required in each individual process, reducing soil compaction, fuel costs, staff costs, wear on equipment and saving them space which would otherwise be used on storing other machinery needed,” Estevao says.

“The driven rotor blades rip and throw the soil onto the star wheels where the soil gets sieved and stones and clods are deposited beneath the bed, fine soil falls on top forming ridged beds ready for planting. Our Tillerstar machines have been working in Europe on a variety of soils as well as around the world in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Japan, Australia and New Zealand!”

The Tillerstar is said to benefit your farm by significantly reducing time spent individually deep ridging, de-stoning and bed tilling. Also saving you money in fuel, wear on other equipment, costs of other machinery and staff.

Key Features:
• Available in triple 1.65m (72”)
• Hydraulic folding for easy transportation & storage
• Features twelve rows of patented star finger rollers for differing soils
• Fitted with 390hp gearbox and oil cooler
• Requires minimum 300hp at PTO
• Bed shapers for potatoes, double flange rotors, star cleaners, Armatec blades, two delta legs and six 12″ depth wheels as standard


Optional extras include:
– Hydraulic markers
– Adjustable bed forming hoods
– Floating crumbler rollers
– Quick release blade system
– Carbide blades
– Rear lighting kit
– Granular applicator unit

Watch the 3 Bed Tillerstar in action:

“The George Moate Triple Tillerstar is used by some of the biggest potato, onion, carrot, parsnip and beetroot growers in the UK as well as on various soil types in other farms around the world, Estevao Condo says.

Call George Moate now for detailed specs and details.

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