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Russian potato magazine launches multilingual website; experts invited to contribute content

Russian agricultural enterprises grow every year more than 7 million tons of food potatoes. “This is too much for domestic consumption in our country,” says Olga Maxaeva, editor of the Russian potato magazine Potato System.

“Russian potato growers are producing high-quality products. The use of modern technologies on many farms make this possible. Potatoes are stored for a long time after harvest. The main problem today is to sell this product at a good price,” she points out.

Potatoes are too cheap, Olga says. “The development of the processing sector can change the situation, though: the construction of enterprises for the production of potato chips, french fries, starch and potato flakes.  Many also expect an increase in potato exports, although this is not easy.”

In short, the above are some of the most relevant topics of articles that were published in the magazine Potato System during the last year. But not the only ones. “We also write about diseases and pests of potatoes, the development of breeding and seed production, new technologies, experience and achievements of the best potato farms,” Olga Maxaeva says.

The magazine has been in publication since 2009, during which time it published articles on many issues of importance to potato growers in Russia.

The editorial office of the magazine is located in Nizhny Novgorod, the central city of one of the largest regions specializing in potato cultivation in Russia.

The main readership of the magazine comprises of heads of agricultural enterprises and agronomists in Russia.  “They have the opportunity to receive our magazine for free, using an address subscription. Potato system is also read by entrepreneurs, scientists, and university representatives. Our readers often become authors of articles, offering specialist opinions and advice on the most relevant topics that potato growers are concerned with,” Olga points out.

Since 2020, the editorial board of the magazine pays special attention to the development of the Potato System website – view the English version here: Information published on the website is available in many different languages. Just head over to the left hand corner of the website (header) and click to enable a dropdown menu where your preferred language can be chosen.

“We want to turn the Potato System into a platform for the exchange of information and opinions between all potato growers, not limited to one country. We will be very happy if foreign readers and authors show interest in our site, and they are welcome to send us any relevant articles or news item for potential publication on the website,” Olga says..

Everyone with an interest in the magazine, or who might want to contribute content/articles to be published on the website, are welcome to get int ouch with Olga Maxaeva:
Visit the Potato System website here:

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