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Potato news update from Russia

The Potato Union of Russia and the Russian magazine Potato System recently came to an agreement to collaborate in an initiative to inform the commercial potato industry about important industry and government events, promotion of the achievements of agricultural producers, and more.

The organizations agreed to strengthen partnerships, regularly exchange information and support each other’s initiatives for the benefit of potato farmers and other stakeholders in Russia. “We hope that the transition to a new level of cooperation will expand the capabilities of both parties and allow us to solve professional problems even more successfully and efficiently,” says the Chief Editor of Potato System, Olga Maxaeva –

Other potato related news reported in the English section of Potato System magazine the past week:

Problems and prospects of growing potatoes in the Stavropol Territory

On March 13, Andrey Kiselev, head of the Potato Seeds division of AgroAlliance NN, and Agrotrade Group Development Director Viktor Kovalev visited the farms of the village of Borgustanskaya (Piedmont region, Stavropol Territory).

The village of Borgustanskaya is famous not only for the traditions of the Terek Cossacks, but also for large individual farming operations that grow potatoes annually on areas of up to 2000 hectares each.

At the meeting with the heads of farms Nikolai Vladimirovich Kravtsun, Alexei Pavlovich Polezha, Anatoly Georgievich Chudentsov and Sergey Alekseevich Dzhuri the results of the past season and the beginning of the new growing season were discussed.

At the entrance to Borgustanskaya village

The producers spoke about the key problems of the industry in the region. One of the main problems is abnormally high temperatures in the summer period, which forces potato growers to use plots located on high ground for growing a crop. Fields are located on average at an altitude of 950-1000 meters above sea level, and in previous years this solution made it possible to obtain stable yields (average yield: 30-33 t / ha) without the use of irrigation. Now it

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