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The founder of Farm Frites International passed away

Piet de Bruijne earlier today announced that his father, Gerrit de Bruijne, has passed away. Mr de Bruijne, born in 1933, was the founder of Farm Frites International. He started the first frozen potato fry processing facility in Europe.

The Board of Directors of Farm Frites International in the Netherlands issued the following statement:

We hereby would like to inform you about some practical matters concerning the funeral and communication. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, it is not possible to arrange a public funeral service.

In lieu of this service, we have arranged other ways in which you can pass on your condolences to the family:

Familie de Bruijne
Molendijk 108
3227 CD Oudenhoorn
The Netherlands

Instead of sending flowers, you may possibly make a donation to the church of Oudenhoorn. The IBAN for this account is: NL88RABO035.165.39.29 for the attention of Protestantse Gemeente Oudenhoorn. The funeral will be attended by family members only.

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