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The 7 habits of highly effective agronomists

The demand for agronomists in the agriculture industry is growing every single day, writes Shane Thomas, Global Digital Ag Lead at FarmersEdge in this interesting article.

Thomas says producing profitable crops while minimizing a farmers risk and benefitting their operation in the long term is getting more and more complex every year. Whether it be new crop protection products, agronomic practices, machinery/equipment, technology and more, there is always something new to be considering.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a wildly popular self enhancement book from the late 80’s by Stephen Covey that has sold more than 25 million copies. Thomas writes that his goal is to take the principles as Covey stated them and talk about it with an agronomic twist.

1. Be Proactive – Being in a reactive state no matter the situation typically puts us at a disadvantage.
2. Begin with the End in Mind – On a yearly basis, a highly effective agronomist is always working to understand what a farmer’s yield and profitability targets are.
3. Put First Things First – There are many different components to agronomy and farming that can distract from some of the foundations of a strong, profitable crop.
4. Think Win-Win – Thinking win-win is a great habit to get into all of the time.
5. Seek First to Understand – Always focus on understanding the root cause of a problem in the field, not just the implication of the problem.
6. Synergize – The best agronomists continually network and develop relationships with other agronomists, farmers, industry experts (entomologists, pathologists etc)…
7. Sharpen the Saw – The most important part of being a highly effective agronomist is constant improvement.

For agronomists wanting to improve these are some of the basics that are a great start, Shane Thomas writes.

Read the full article on FarmersEdge here

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