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Demand for fresh potatoes spikes at Canada’s Earthfresh Foods as consumers go ‘back to basics’

“The corona crisis has caused people to go back to basics and I don’t see that changing anytime soon,” according to Andrew George, Director of Sales at EarthFresh Foods, based in Canada’s Ontario province. He says people shop for staple items like potatoes that are nutritious, inexpensive and can be stored for much longer than many other fresh produce items.

“In addition, consumers are looking for healthy food items to help build their immune system,” George told Marieke Hemmes of FreshPlaza in a recent interview. “There was an initial ‘panic-shop’ from consumers at the beginning stages of the COVID-19 news and people flooded to retail stores to stock up, but retailers responded immediately by refilling the stores and pipelines.”

Although panic shopping may be behind us, demand for groceries at retail level will continue to be high, George said. “Following the government shutdown of restaurants in Canada, people are now forced to cook at home or look for delivery options. With most people now at home all day, they are eating their groceries faster than ever. In addition, they spend more when they make at trip to the store in an attempt to leave the house less frequently and keep their family members content.”

George wants to share his gratitude for everyone working the front lines. “So many industries and sectors are going the extra mile and our produce supply chain is filled with front line workers, ensuring that there are no gaps in supply and shelves are stocked.”

Read the full interview with Andrew George on FreshPlaza here

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